3 Nov 2011

São Paulo

partial view from the Edificio Italia (tallest building in Sao Paulo)

And so to Brrrrrrrraaaaaaazil - yahoooooo...(yes we did fly from Bogotá but it was part of our original ticket so isn't classed as a super cheeky one - as expected the distances are huge, 6 hour flight, just time for three movies and a short nap). 

Let's deal with the ultimate cliche first, the Brazilian women. It can be reported through totally impartial, objective and observational research techniques that there is a high proportion of lady folk with the bits and bumps in the correct quadrant.

Brazilian warning - Some friends warned us before we left the UK that their recent experience of Brazil had been that it was as expensive as London.

After five days of enjoying the sights/museums/restaurants/open spaces in SP we have absolutely no evidence to dispute that claim, it is expensive and that is just the way it is.

Huge light box in the Pinacoteca Museum / Mural in the city

Parque Ibirapuera

Our indebted thanks to Nacho and Claudia for their fabulous hospitality and guidance in this massive megalopolis and of course for my first proper caipi hangover of the south american campaign - oooochimama!!!

Rules of SP to enable a happy stay (copyright Ignacio Palma): 
1) As far as the populace are concerned Brazil is not part of south america, it is a separate entity so don't make any assumptions having travelled anywhere else on the continent. 

2) It is v expensive, do not convert everything back to your own currency cos it will only hurt, just go with it and enjoy. 

3) São Paulo is a big ol' insiders club - you need to live there to know all the great eateries/bars/sights and sounds which are kept under wraps from outsiders.

4) Brazil is the ultimate melting pot where the only qualification to be accepted is to speak the language. Once you do you are in the club and the real fun begins.

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  1. Sat with Nicola reading your blog and having a laugh at some of your comments, it all sounds very interesting. So glad you are both enjoying it. Keep having fun. Lots of love Granny D & Nicola xx