3 May 2012

An end and a new beginning...

Ok so the trip has finished, but the great adventure continues...

How far?

In summary since August 7th 2011 we have covered approx 650 kms by boat, between 5 and 20 kms a day on foot (235 days = approx 1,500 kms) 24,257 by road and a whopping 53,984 by air!

So adding all that together = 80,066 kms, so a 100 kms or so short of twice round the planet, clearly we go lost a few times.

As we said we would we have off-set the carbon footprint of that little lot with a not insignificant contribution to reforestation projects in central america, hopefully they can plant faster than the other buggers can chop!

Life as we know it?
The main objective of the journey, other than the obvious, was to work out where in south america we would like to live for the next couple of years. Before we left we thought it would probably be either Buenos Aires or Santiago, but whilst both of those cities are groovy neither grabbed us and said THIS IS THE PLACE, for various reasons.

In the end, as many of you already know our venue of choice is going to be Lima, where Pam is looking for a teaching post in an international school and Ben is making it up as he goes along, no change there then.

Whilst we are both a little apprehensive as to what the immediate future will bring, there is an overwhelming sense of excitement.

As Thoreau said 'live the life you've imagined' - well let's at least give it a go.

to be continued...