24 Nov 2011

Península Valdés

If you like wildlife then Península Valdés is a must. 

The bus from Buenos Aires took 19 or so hours travelling deep into the Patagonian wilderness. We left BA to the south where all one can see to the horizon is green and flat and when we say flat we mean flat, not a mountain, hill, hillock, bump or pancake in sight, just the odd tree, loads of cattle and straight roads for miles. 

Then it got dark, we watched a few more films and then awoke to the Patagonian version of flat, dry arid nothingness apart from waste high prickly bushes that even goats would probably turn their noses up at. That went on for a few more hours until we arrived at Puerto Madryn, a seaside resort town built on aluminium mining and eco-tourism.

For various reasons the barren landscape blends into waters that are teaming with life of all shapes and sizes.

As we arrived at the hostel our host cut straight to the chase and suggested that if we wanted to see the wildlife then we should forget any budgetary concerns and just go with the flow. We took his advice and did the lot, penguins, whales, sea lions, elephant seals, dolphins and at a respectable distance 3 orca!

We were also lucky enough to share two days of our tour of the area with Christina and Birgit who we met in the hostel, beautiful funny people, fabulous time had by all, thank you ladies...

Here are a few of the incredible sights that we witnessed (530 odd photos and videos were kept after some ruthless editing) over the 5 amazing days.

Magellanic Penguins


Southern Right Whales

Southern Elephant Seals

South American Sea Lions

Patagonian/Tonina dolphins




and a few beasties that manage to scrape a living off the land...

Patagonian fox


hairy armadillo (love it!)

and finally
Pam and Ben


  1. Troppo bello... I love the whale photos, and the seal ones and the dolphins and the armadillos...beh, tutti bellissimi! I want to go too... same again next year? xLa

  2. Wow, I sure like to see this part of the world too one time, Ben and Pam...what a great escape!

    greetz , Peter