6 Oct 2011

Panama City 1

Firstly our apologies for the lack of blogs over the past couple of weeks. Having spent 7 days out of touch with the on-line world during our journey to Colombia (more below and not a kidnap in sight) we will now make every effort to catch up.

So from Caye Caulker to Belize City (dump) in another 600hp sea taxi along with handcuffed dude + police escort and 35 other mosquito bitten peeps, then short flight to San Salvador, wait an hour and then another to Panama City where Papa Luigi met us at the airport - wehey!

Many many thanks Luigi for the airconned hotel room with a bed the size of the cabaña that we stayed a week in on Caye Caulker!
Lunch at Pomodoro

Early next morning the three of us did a tourist tour of the old city Luigi style = in a cab with the odd stop for photos :)
Panama City is an odd mix. There are three totally separate centres, the very old ruins from 16th-17th centuries (photos) the old/modern colonial city centre (no photos) which is beautiful but has been left to fall to rack and ruin despite the President's abode (la casa blanca) being there, and then the contemporary city built on what has been dredged out of the canal and various water ways to create new land upon which the sky scrapers soar ever higher.
and then an internal flight in an ickle machine to the north Caribbean coast - Bocas del Toro...

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