18 Oct 2011

Bogotá 1

And so we moved on after 6 or so weeks in the Caribbean to South America's 3rd highest capital city (after La Paz and Quito). Bogotá is only 600 miles (1000 kilometres) from Cartagena but by bus it takes between 24 and 28 hours depending, usually, on the number of times the bus gets stopped and searched by the police/army/security forces.

So being the people of principle that we are we got on a plane :( We know we know it is a complete cop out and all our traveller browny points have been well and truly annihilated. The flight took 1hr and 2 minutes and despite 4.5 seconds of slight turbulence, which almost moved our drinks, we arrived on time.

We won't be doing that again, promise...

Bogotá is your classic south american big city - ugly, dirty and buzzing in the most fabulous way. 

Our first day was a Sunday where they close the old part of the city to traffic to make way for pedestrians, roller bladers, cyclists etc and it was quiet whilst bustling with people enjoying the freedom to walk and talk without having to dodge the traffic.


We spent two days wandering with the crowds and visiting the gold museum which qualifies as one of the best museums we have ever seen, anywhere, and the Botero Musuem, which is brilliant as well but simply because the art work is so amusing.



Next stop a coffee farm in the Zona Cafeteria approx 350kms west of Bogotá, which as we are coffee addicts we have been looking forward to for weeks...

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