13 Sep 2011


So after a long bus ride (11 hrs) we arrive at our final Mexican location, 135 kms south of Cancun on the Caribbean coast.

We are now walking/eating/talking like Mayans (think Egyptian but more chilli) so what better place to hang out than down the road from the Mayan beach house?

These ruins are cool, sunrise over the ocean, fresh breeze and fish, all good Caribbean ingredients. The mistake we made was to visit after the first few tour buses had arrived from Cancun, the contents of which eminently demonstrated how Americans (north) can be the greatest pains in the nation. Top tip - get there before 10 otherwise it's like Mayan Disney World on sea.

We haven't done much else here other than chillax and work on the tan, apply more after sun than ever before and eat ceviche, which we are sorry to report is no where near as good as the Peruvian version of the same dish :(

Other than that I did manage a few hours of kite-surfing when the wind blew briefly, we cycled a lot in 35 degrees (shade)/90% humidity which is good for something I am sure and otherwise just did our best to stay cool in what the locals said were unusually hot and humid conditions.

Then a short (4 hrs) bus ride to the port of Chetumal to catch a boat to Belize.

And that is the last we will see of Mexico for a while. It has been an incredible month of great (often new) food, people, colour, music, more food - so thank you Mexico, you are fab and we shall miss you!

extremely Zen Ben


  1. Hi
    You two are both looking gorgeous and very very happy and relaxed. We are very pleased that you are enjoying your journey.

    Thomas is loving his new class and teachers, but he still wishes you were here and is missing you dearly. He told everyone in class that you had e-mailed us and that he promises that he will keep the class up to date with "your antics" (his words not mine).

    Anyway enjoy Belize and we look forward to the next installment of Pam and Bens Great Escape.

    Much love

    Kieu, Thomas, Ryan and Jessica x

  2. Was it a nudist beach pam? so jealoussssssssss of your trip so far! off to blighty at the weekend...won't be the same not being able to visit you! Much love vx

  3. Loving the blog! Keep those politically infused observations coming :)

    One comment though, why don't we get to hear Pam's voice? I vote that she guest writes one of the entries.

    muchos besos!
    Daddy (Ed), Mummy (Helen) and Millie

  4. Loving the blog ben, keep it up - all love Steve & Lesley

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  6. Going green with envy so we're off to Wahaca tonight to drown our jealousy is muchos margaritas! Clearly not remotely the same but its as close as we will get for a while! Looking forward to the hearing the next episode... F & G xx