9 Aug 2011

Arriving in Mexico City

Madrid to Mexico City with Iberia, if ever you travel to this part of the world, try to fly with any airline other than Iberia. Reasons why?  Their seating plan in the airbus a340-600 makes ryanair look like the orient express - approx 400 people on board and we are all treated like cattle, food inedible, films rubbish (if you can see them on the screen half way up the aircraft), 11 hours of joy...

But then you arrive over Mexico D.F. (Distrito Federal), a massive metropolis where the last 25mins or so of the flight are over the city, a crazy vista of buildings and roads covering 573 sq miles, 21+ million people living on a plateau (that is sinking due to it originally being a lake!) which is 2,240 metres above sea level, insane, surrounded by live volcanoes and on a major fault line so prone to the odd earth rumble, totally bonkers, and they say it is one of the most dangerous cities on the planet. The causes of such crime rates tend to be attributed to the drugs trade/war although I wouldn't be surprised if further investigation proved a causal link between arriving on an Iberia flight and wanting to murder someone.

We are staying in a hostel - I know I know, bit of a shock to the star system that one has become accustomed to - which is perfectly comfortable and our host is taking great care to ensure we see the very best of the sights and eat some of the  most amazing food on earth, que bueno...

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